The Soft Enamel Pins With Customized Engraving

The Soft enamel and hard enamel badges are highly in trend these days. Both of them come with unique designing and styling. They are also known as lapel pin which is getting used in the business, by employees or by others. All of them are in trend and known for their detailing.

You can get a pin of your choice which can match well your brand and comes in limitless options. You can also find customized engraving or dark enamel pins. The soft enamel pins are also popular as they are plated with lines of the metal die and further enamel colors get added to its designing areas.


Image Source: Supercutekawaii

Raised metal lines

The whole process allows people in feeling the dips and groves between die and enamel lines on pins. When it comes on detailing, the soft enamel is better than the hard enamel. You can make the best selection from a wide number of lapel pins. The soft enamel is known for its raised and recessed enamel and metal lines.

They are a popular style of the pin which makes use of enamel. One can find them bit cost effective and gets used for a variety of sizes and shapes. You get a texture for touching and as its names suggest the soft enamel, it is not at all like that as colored enamel below metal lines depicts their shape and one can feel it.

Carry them on different occasions

On the other hand, the hard enamel pins are the high quality of the pins in the market. They are durable, useful and long lasting pins. One can get them to wear them during corporate events, on fraternity, convention or at political events. They are basically the pins of die struck on which the color gets applied with a needle or brush.

On this the thin lines of metal separate different colors from one another. The hard enamel one gets heated on higher temperature and then gets polished by the creation of smooth and bright hard enamel finishing. You must go for the soft pins as they offer the embossed look and one can feel its texture designing.



Image Source: Hilapelpins

Benefits of lapel pins

These polished pins called hard enamel comes in amazing colors, known for its durability, hard finishing and smooth look and feel. There are some of the rich benefits of these pins which include,

  • Known for its upgraded quality and finishing
  • Smooth and durable pins
  • Available in a large number of colors
  • Its vivid and bright colors never fade
  • Can be best customized in any shape
  • Add on amazing detailing, the screen printing on finished hard enamel pin

All these pins get molded from different metals and then only get plated with a variety of color options. You can select the best one as per your choice and needs. You can also get a chance to decide on its backing feature which will help you in attaching your pin to your clothes or accessories.

Place an order for your customized hard enamel or soft enamel pin today and enjoy the variety of its options.

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