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O Dari Himala Dari Song is one of the pleasant tunes of the Uttarakhand Garhwal industry. This song has its root in the lap of nature and the hilly. O Dari Himala Dari has been launched on 12 august 2021 with the aid of regular track studio Plunex Studio. O Dari Himala Dari with the aid of Renu Bala and Pradeep Aswal, and composed by way of Shubh Sahota. This song was recorded at Sangeetians Productions. The folk song of Uttarakhand refers to the normal and current songs in the foothills of the Himalayas. In Uttarakhand, the people are a reflection of the cultural heritage and the way humans stay their lives in the Himalayas. Common subject matters in the folk’s tune of Uttarakhand are the splendor of nature, more than a few seasons, festivals, nonsecular traditions, cultural practices. The whole track has been shot in Uttarakhand to signify the culture, traditions, and deep splendor of Uttarakhand.

Song – O Dari Himala Dari

Singer – Renu Bala

Music – Pradeep Aswal

Composed By   – Shubh Sahota

Concept, Screenplay & Direction by – Plunex Team


Everything About O Dari Song

O Dari Himala Dari Song is given by a famous artist Pradeep Aswal, which is very soft and hearty. The music is totally created justice with the beauty of Uttarakhand and creates magic in the song. Pradeep Aswal also sang various famous songs like Laadi, Gailyan Madna, etc.

The singer of the song is Renu Bala is a very famous singer in the Garhwal industry. She sings like magic that connects the soul with a person’s body. It brings peace and harmony to the heart. According to Renu Bala music makes us feel all the emotions differently, be it happiness or sadness. In essence, her music brings consciousness to us. She loves folk songs, especially Garhwali songs, towards which she has a special love. Recently Renu Bala released her latest Garhwali folk song O Dari Himala Dari song that represents the Beauty, Culture, and Tradition of Uttarakhand. She also sings various popular songs like Laddi, Galiya aige, Lockdown ki bhukki, He bhuli, etc., O Dari Himala Dari will once again get a chance to witness the beauty, culture, and tradition of Uttarakhand with the release of Plunex studio.

Nature Beauty

The duration of the song is 04:15. Listening to O Dari Himala Dari’s song amplifies your emotions through the lyrics of the song. Isn’t it interesting how listening to a song can bring back a special memory or make you feel happy or calm? By listening to O Dari Himala Dari you feel an attachment to the beauty of nature.

O Dari Himala Dari Song Composer And More Info

Shubh Sahota has composed some very well-known tracks with stunning movies over the years. He has labored in special genres, widening the spectrum of his work for his clients and his private manufacturing house. His work has acquired over a million hearts and he is instead cherished and appreciated with the resource of his clients and viewers. Shubh Sahota has worked with his Plunex Studio in T-Series, Zee-Music Company, etc. Some of them are Pray For The World, Choti Choti Gallan, Gopal Hare, Teri Meri Preet, Meri Pahadan, etc.

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