What is Cyber Crime? Causes, Types, And Prevention Of Cyber Crime

As we know that in today’s changing world all things are going to be digitalized and social media has become part of our life. From early morning to late night we are busy with social media. But it is very necessary to know that, are we safe of social media? So, yes but you have to aware of cybercrime and use social media with prevention. Do you know about cybercrime? if your answer is no. then you are in the right place to know all about cybercrime.

What Is Cyber Crime?

As the name shows that something related to cyber means computer so it is also called as a computer-oriented crime. we can define cybercrime as “any offense that is done against any particular person or group of an individual for any criminal motive to harm intentionally or cause physical or mental harm by using modern telecommunication network such as social media (chat room, mailbox, facebook, Instagram).  

In cybercrime, criminals use a computer to access personal information,  business trade confidential information or use the internet for exploitative or hateful purposes. in this, the computer is also used by criminals for communication and document or data storage.  Criminals who perform these unauthorized activities are often referred to as hackers.

Types Of Cyber Crime

There are so many types are included in cybercrime some of them are described here.

  • Financial or fraud crime
  • Theft
  • Hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Malicious software
  • Cyberstalking
  • Phishing
  • Data diddling
  • Child soliciting and abuse
  • Cyber Extortion

Let’s  describe in brief about all these types of cybercrime

Financial or fraud crime

Computer fraud is any fraudulent misrepresentation of truth designed to let another to do or avoid from doing something which causes loss. In this context, the fraud will occur in obtaining a benefit by:

Changing in an unauthorized way. This requires little technical expertise and is a common form of theft by agents altering the data before entry or entering wrong data, or by entering unofficial instructions or using unauthorized processes;

Changing, destroying, crushing, or stealing output, usually to cover unauthorized transactions. This is tough to detect; Altering or deleting stored data;

Other forms of fraud may be facilitated using computer systems, including bank fraud, carding, identity theft, blackmail, and theft of classified information.


This crime happens when any individual violates copyright and downloads movie, music, games and any software.


If any person’s computer broken and his/her personal information accessed then this is called hacking.

Identity theft

If any person’s data related to identities like pan card, Adhar card, passport, bank account, debit card or other sensitive information accessed by a hacker then it come under identity theft.

Malicious software

This software is internet based software or programs that are used to access or disrupt a network.


Online harassment where the victim is targeted in the barrage of email, mail, message and phone calls.


Using email by changing the name to get personal information from internet users called phishing.

Child soliciting and abuse

Cybercrime wherein social miners do the chat rooms for the purpose of child pornography.

Cyber Extortion

Cyber Extortion happens when a website, e-mail server, or computer system is controlled to or threatened with repeated denial of service or other attacks by spiteful hackers. These hackers ask money in return for agreeing to stop the attacks and to offer “security”. Cybercrime criminals are frequently attacking corporate websites and networks, disabling their ability to operate and demanding payments to restore their service.

Causes of Cybercrime

Cyber Crime always happens to earn big money in a short time. So, cybercriminals mostly target rich people or organization such as financial firms, bank, and casinos because there are of money and they easily hack sensitive information. catching these type of criminals are quite tough. so, they are increasing cybercrime in all over the world. it is necessary that low protect and safeguard them against cybercriminals. here we are going some causes of cybercrime.


  • Complexity
  • Negligence
  • Capacity to store data in small space
  • Loss of evidence
  • Easy to access

Let’s see how they are responsible for cybercrime.


As we know that computers are running on different operating systems which are programmed by millions of complex codes. The human mind is imperfect for these codes, so, they can do some mistake at any point. and cybercriminals take advantage of these mistakes.


It is one of the characteristics of the human being. So, there is the possibility that we make any negligence in protecting the computer system that may provide data of access to criminals, due to that you may suffer a lot.

Capacity to store data in small space

There is a very nice quality of a computer system that can store huge data in a very small space. Which make very easy to steal data from any other storage and use it for own profit.

Loss of evidence

The information which is related to crime is easy to destroy. So, loss of evidence is a very common problem which destroys the system behind the investigation of cyber-crime.

Easy to access

There are so many problems to keep safe a computer system from unnecessary access and there are so many possibilities of infection too because of the complex technology. Cybercriminals can steal access codes, advances voice recorders, images an all. That can bluff all the biometric systems easily and firewalls can be utilized to get past many security systems.  

How to prevent cybercrime?

Here are some tips to prevent cybercrime


  • Use Strong Passwords
  • Secure your computer


  1. Activate your firewall
  2. Use anti-virus/malware software
  3. Block spyware attacks


  • Be Social-Media Savvy
  • Secure your Mobile Devices
  • Protect your Data
  • Call the right person for help
  • Protect your e-identity
  • Avoid being scammed
  • Secure your wireless network

Therefore, this is all about what is cybercrime and how to prevent cybercrime. All of us are using the internet and there are so many crimes happen related to computer or internet this is called cybercrime. by keeping in mind all the above tips you can prevent cybercrime.

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