5 Types Of Coffee To Drool Over

The two ways of judging a coffee are taste and aroma. If it satisfies the both, then it counts for a great beverage. Being an avid coffee drinker, I can’t compromise with the above factors at all and if you sail in my category, you can’t settle on less too.

I simply enjoy sipping a new types of coffee on my every visit to a café. Undeniably, the cafes are the best place where it is possible to experiment with the taste buds when it comes to coffee as they serve great variety with a number of flavors that takes the taste to a different level. Moreover, the presentation is attractive which increases the temptation. That’s how I explore!

Till date, I have tried so many types of coffee and complied the list which ranked top in terms of flavor (as per my view). Want to know about them in-depth? Let’s check out below:

# 1. Cappuccino

It’s quite popular in coffee lovers so I thought of giving a try and it turned out to be great. It comprises of three layers i.e. espresso shot, steamed milk, and a frothed/foamy milk. Finally, the topping of chocolate powder or shavings makes it look irresistible.


#2. Café Latte

Just a dash of coffee shot and steamed milk, it makes a latte. The best thing about this beverage is its frothiness which is appetizing. It tastes sweet and mellow. I loved it totally!

#3. Flat White

It consists of one or two shots of espresso and steamed milk (velvety not frothy). It is kind of a good option for those who have to work in peak hours and demands focus.

#4. Café Americano

Add hot water to a shot of espresso and the coffee is ready. It sounds simple isn’t. Although, the recipe is simple it has an intense flavor and smells damn good.

#5. Mochaccino

The perfect blend of milk, coffee, and chocolate makes mochaccino. It is, particularly for Choco addicts. It has usually less foam in contrast to cappas and served with chocolate powder or sauce on the top.



#6. Long Black

Taste strong indeed! A double shot of espresso is added to the hot water to make a cup of long black coffee. The highlight of this drink is a creamy foam (crema) that is super delicious to have.

#7. Vienna

It is prepared by adding two shots of black espresso just before the whipped cream. The smoothness of sugary cream is mind boggling which can make you crave for this coffee drink even more.

That’s all to the types of coffee which I have tried so far. I like them all but my personal favorite which I recommend everyone to go for is cappuccino as its three layering makes it a heavenly drink. I mostly prefer this variety whenever I go for a coffee date. Get the best information simply click on Coffee Bean Suppliers.

What’s your favorite amongst all? Share in the comment section below!


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