What Is The Best Treatment For Baldness?

Among the many treatments available, hair implant is the best possible treatment for baldness. It is a non-invasive and forever-lasting treatment for both men and women of all ages who have suffered from baldness.

Hair loss is a very common phenomenon among men and women. About 95% of the time, the reason points to genetics, and the remaining 5% can be due to stress, diet, illness, and medications.

Treatment for hair loss

Most non-specialists automatically associate hair loss with baldness. This association is misunderstood. Hair loss can occur due to many reasons, while baldness is a form of illness known as Androgenetic Alopecia.

The treatment for hair loss varies widely because it can occur due to stress, aging, bad diet, an illness or a disease.

Each one of these factors has several treatments of their own. Which we won’t cover in this segment in great detail because most of them are very well-known.

Treatment for baldness

Among the various claims made by the herbal science community and the holistic community. There is only one form of treatment available for baldness that gives positive results more often, and that is hair transplant, also known as hair implant.

What is a hair implant?

In this procedure, the surgeon will remove strips of hair follicles from a healthy area of your scalp. Which means, an area where the hair growth is normal and consistent. Thereafter, they will surgically implant these hair follicles into the region that is experiencing baldness.

Hair transplant Turkey is non-invasive and does not require a life-long checkup or taking medication. It’s a one-time thing that relieves you from baldness in a single go!

Is the hair implant procedure a permanent solution to baldness?

In most cases, yes especially when carried by a professional surgeon of hair restoration in Turkey! Since each individual is different, and so are their medical conditions.

But hair implant surgery has one of the extremely high success rates, so the choice is all yours to make.

As some of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey will tell you, once you get a hair implant, it will last for a very long time, maybe even forever.

Usually, this surgery does not require a follow-up or taking any medication after the fact.

Once the hair has been transplanted from a healthier hair growth region to the baldness affected area. The hair is expected to grow naturally at the implanted spot from that point on.

Since this is a surgical procedure, due diligence is conducted beforehand.

Such as discussions include your age, familial history with hair loss or type of hair loss, and genetic testing may be needed to determine the best treatment for you going forward.

treatment for baldness

Does hair restoration ever fail?

Percentages of hair implant failure are very low especially when talking about hair restoration in Turkey! With that said. It may fail due to the inexperience of the surgeon and the shoddy work done by him or her. It’s always best to research on your own and opt for a clinic renowned for offering hair transplant solutions.

Istanbul- The International Capital of Hair Transplant.

When talking about Istanbul, there comes to mind the very rich culture and magnificent views of the city along with the strategic position linking both Europe and Asia. Within the past years, the city has gained a similar excellent reputation in medical tourism.

As of hair transplantation in Istanbul, the city today is a hub of some of the most experienced and talented surgeons around the world. Likewise, the officially approved hair transplant clinics there are very popular for their large infrastructure.

state of art medical equipment and adoption of latest hair transplant techniques and practices.

Economically, the market of hair transplantation in Istanbul is of a great importance to the Turkish budget as it generates millions of dollars annually.

This has a lot to do with the rich culture and strategic position of the city being the bridge between Asia and Europe.

Another factor that empowers the strong position of Istanbul in hair transplant is the very affordable costs of the surgery.

which comes as a result of the competitive medical environment. Today, a lot of hair transplant visitors who come to Turkey and Istanbul in particular end up saving a lot of money, getting high class treatment and having some good time.

In Conclusion

If you have come to make the decision of putting an end to the continual hair loss you are suffering from. Then do not forget that hair transplant surgery is the best solution.

Despite that, the surgery requires a long experience and high talent from the surgeon’s side. Which is something that Turkey and Istanbul are very well known for. So, if you are looking for the best hair transplant experience with the most affordable cost then Turkey is your place.

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