LolekHosted Review: Anonymous and Private Web Hosting

Lolekhosted is a web hosting provider that provides shared hosting and dedicated servers. They have their own data center which is located in Europe. Even the content policy of this web hosting is very kind. There are several payment methods like Bitcoin and Paypal.


Mostly this hosting service analyzes anonymity. And also it can offer some technical capabilities like speed, security, and many more. Moreover, it has an ability of private hosting that hides the customer’s identity.

Now may a question arises in your mind what is anonymous and private web hosting. So here we discuss the overview of both hosting.

What is Anonymous?

The anonymous hosting allows us to register by using the nickname. And it does not require any pin code address while registering the domain. Only the payment methods often require registration with the name and address. Make sure that the name and address would be the same in payment registration as well as domain registration.

This hosting offers prepaid options so that nulls are linked. Even we can create accounts by using this with a ‘nickname’ at bitcoin. It does not reveal personal information. 

Anonymous Web Hosting Payment Methods 

The anonymous web hosting provides total privacy with their offshore private servers. And they will not give any information about the customer’s activity to any third-party entity. That means it will keep your data secure and private. 

This web hosting accepts only cryptocurrencies and anonymous browsing. It offers an anonymous server, VPS, and anonymous domain. 

We can not use credit cards and debit cards, as they are not fully anonymous. 

Lolekhosted supports Bitcoin payments for anonymous hosting. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is used to buy and sell goods on the web with security.

There are some other ways of payment, through which we can acquire Lolekhosted servers.

  • PayPal
  • Perfect Money.

What is private web hosting?

Private hosting is a hosting service that hides the customer identity by not showing it in any list. Only the customer’s business partners can see the identity. You just need to register a domain to make your data protected. The domain name system requires the name, email, phone number, and address. When you will register your domain for private web hosting then you may easily protect the data.

Difference between Anonymous and Private hosting

We have discussed that private hosting hides your details within the domain name system. But it is a paid option at Lolekhosted.  While in anonymous hosting, you have to pay a small extra for special privacy services. Otherwise, you get privacy as much as the hosting providers can offer.

Rather the private hosting is the best solution to keep your details hidden from everyone. 

You can use a credit card and PayPal types payment methods to acquire these hosting. Private Hosting allows hiding the full customer details as well as the payment information. But in anonymous hosting, the hosting provider is able to see your details through your payment information.

Quality and Performance of Lolekhosted

In this review of Lolekhosted, we are here discussing the quality and performance. As the website speed is one of the important factors. Let’s conduct the following test to check the quality and performance of Lolekhosted.   

  1. Page load time Test.
  2. Server response time test
  3. SRT with spiked traffic.

 Page load time Test

We can define the page load time as the time required to load the page attributes like sliders, images, pop-ups, and many more. Thus we cannot judge the page load time of any website by just visit on it. It requires some tools. 

So while testing the page load test of Lolekhosted servers, it acquires 226ms speed which is relatively very low. This means it has a low page load time and high performance.

Server response time test

Server response time totally depends on the Html content of the website.

If we have a faster server response time, then the HTML will load in very little time. This means the other elements like CSS, images, and javascript will load faster. 

On testing, the Lolekhosted servers will get the server response time is equal to 200ms. 

SRT with spiked traffic

This parameter will define as the time to required SRT with numbers of virtual users on the website. Lolekhosted acquires 98ms to the required maximum SRT with 25 active virtual users. This time is totally acceptable.


In this article, we have discussed the Lolekhosted servers with the anonyms and private web hosting. Through the concept of anonymous and private hosting, you may understand the privacy concern and make your data protected. Lolekhosted provides a platform to make your data private and keep your identity safe. Later on, we have discussed some quality aspects and performance measures of the Lolekhosted servers.

You may get a better understanding of the private and anonymous hosting services. Even we provide some payment methods through which you can easily acquire them.

If you have any query about this topic. Or some suggestions that may arise in your mind. Then without any hesitation, comment to us.

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