How To Determine Negative SEO

Are you affected by negative SEO? Many people who are your competitor and want to down you. so, it’s necessary to watch for any suspicious activity on your website.

“A question arises in every digital marketer- that the negative seo is real threat or not?”

Negative SEO is a real thing and also badly affect your website. And so many businesses are affected by negative SEO. In this process, by using aggressive backlinks spamming and malicious backlinks anyone can destroy your site.

So, it is very necessary that you have to know what is Negative SEO and how does it affect your site?  we can say simply that it is a malicious attack launched by any third person to harm your domain authority intentionally. There are so many ways by which this can be performed, but Google and other search engines spend a lot of energy into trying to keep these attacks from happening. For that purpose, someone who intentionally launches a malicious attack on your rankings will use up a lot of time and wealth to do so.

Some Common Strategies Of Negative SEO  

  • Counterfeit report,
  • Content abrading,
  • Even hacking sites,
  • Creating thousands of spam links,
  • Sending fake backlink removal requests.

Symbols of Negative SEO

If your competitors want to disturb you and doing some negative SEO. it means not that your problem is because of their activity. it is noticed that many of the persons are not affected by it.

If anyone is really attacking your link profile and it affects your site, then you will surely see an obscure, and low-quality links from different types of root domains.

Tools to managing your link profile

  • Majestic SEO,
  • Open Site Explorer,
  • Bing Webmaster Tools,
  • Google Webmaster Tools.

Effects of negative SEO on your websites

It is clear that if you are working on some duplicate link or spammy site, so it will harm your website. It can happen due to the following reasons:

1. If you are using the same techniques.

2: And, If you are doing the same mistakes as your competitor does.

Ways to define negative SEO

Search signals can be divided into three parts.

  • Links,
  • Content,
  • User signals

Ways to determine negative SEO

To examine those elements we have to be capable to relay different types of devices.

Let’s start to determine the various tools and scenarios, if you were affected by negative SEO or if this is just a mistake.

Crawling & Technical Equipment

Negative SEO

If you have a personal crawling and technical SEO tool, related to the link analysis sector, use it in your way to determining if you have been affected by negative SEO.

  • Website Velocity

What does crawl site speed get compared to in Google Analytics or is it related to different Google Site Speed Tests? Are you prevented by using the extensive useful resource looking to slow down?

  • Depth Index Position

This is where managing your CMS setup and net architecture can honestly damage if you’re all of the sudden duplicating or indexing large percent of the pages, for the shortage of these pages you want to have to index.

  • Redirects

That’s, are you apt to opening redirects which are straining your available link integrity?

  • Crawl Mapping

Conceptually, it can be very helpful to try to define whether there are dynamic pages that you do not actually want and how internal link assignment can affect them. Are they all orphan pages (i.e., they exist but are not internally attached), or are they embedded in the site navigation?

  • On-Page Technical Factors

This is the most essential part since it is identified with deciding if the circumstance is a negative SEO attack or inner error. Crawling instruments can support you rapidly find which pages are set to nofollow or noindex or are struggling because of canonicalization issues.

Link analysis tool

Link Analysis tool

To find that you are affected by negative SEO by using your favorite link analysis tool, go with these points.

  • New Backlinks And New Domains And IP Referencing

On the off chance that you are assaulting, this is where you will get the most possibility, in the event that you see a gigantic increment in those connections which you didn’t submit and did not need. See both of these reports, in light of the fact that having 2,000 pages on a similar domain connecting you are seen independently from 2,000 new domains.

Now and again, you can likewise get countless domain connecting to the similar IP. This is a languid negative SEO procedure, however, it is one of the more typical ones.

  • Lost Backlinks And Lost Domains

Another vector of negative SEO is expelling the link of the competitor. Is it true that you are losing the connections that you recently endeavored to secure?

You may need to connect with those website admins to know why? Is it accurate to say that you are interface pages abruptly available to you and are currently joining the challenge? Or on the other hand, are not connecting to you by any means? For what reason do you need to discover?

  • Broken Backlinks

Once in a while, a linking issue is itself. In the event that you’ve as of late moved to a site, have changed the design or have refreshed the plug-in as well, at that point you have unconsciously influenced a page to go offline, bringing about lost link value. To fix this, it is as simple as to catch a substantial level of introductory connection value to dispose of lost pages or divert pages to a relevant page.

Plagiarism Device

Plagiarism device helps you to check how unique your content material. There are so many plagiarism checkers available on google, but Copyscape is very popular.

Best-Free plagiarism checker tool

  • Internal Duplication

It is believed by most people that a competitor is seeking to fight them and replace them, most issues are internally copied content in a blog, clear and in tag setup, and improper URL handling.

  • Determine Your Entire Website

The simplest procedure to explore is to have a plagiarism provider crawl to your site. From that point onward, attempt and to discover colossal string suits on different sites situated over Google and Bing index.

In the occasion, you’re the objective of false Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) asks for or parasitic scrapers which are making an endeavor to each copy.

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