Best SEO Blogs To Follow In 2019

Whether you agree on it or not, most SEO techniques are continually changing. The SEO factors that worked a year ago won’t work today as well as the things that are working now won’t work year after! SEO blogs help you to know updates.

SEO is a large industry where you require to continually learn the latest SEO trends to master the game of SEO. Without knowing SEO updates, you are going to fail miserably in growing your website search traffic.

As a marketer, it is significant to keep up with all of this news. Here’s our reading list of the finest SEO blogs on the internet today to help you become a better marketer.

The Moz Blog


Moz has become the gold standard for SEO solutions as well as how-to articles. The Moz Blog’s team of contributors provides an article per day to aid enlarge your knowledge of search marketing.

SEMrush Blog


SEMrush’s blog is on the cutting edge of today’s SEO trends, providing advice on SEO through a variety of lenses — from app development to social media, to voice search.

The Google Search Blog

google search

Google is the undisputed leader of search engines. The official Google Search blog is an understandable resource you need to follow to stay up to date on what’s been happening around Google Search. It’s always something you should be reading to anticipate upcoming trends in Google Search as well as embrace changes as quickly as possible.



Yoast is training as well as website integration for those who want to learn how to optimize their website.

SEO Book

SEO book

To know about the newest SEO tools and the analysis of search engine changes, check SEO Book.

 Tubular Insights

tubular insight

Tubular Insight is a resource for marketers searching to learn more about online video’s impact on search engine marketing.

Search Engine Journal

SE journal

This is one of the most thriving SEO blogs that cover the newest SEO news and some of the most detailed content around. The blog is best recognized for its coverage of everything from search marketing news, how-to guides as well as PPC. They also often publish advanced materials that guide you to improve your search rankings.

Search Engine Land

searchengine land

Search Engine Land is yet another blog you need to follow this year to obtain a deeper understanding of all things SEO services. It covers everything related to search engine including news, finest practices and other supportive resources. They often go deeper into technical aspects of SEO as well as also feature specialist analysis, advice, and tactics.

 Distilled Blog

The team at Distilled offers insights as well as musings across digital marketing, using SEO as the vehicle for that conversation.


If a local and mobile search is your interest, the GeoLocalSEO blog is a resource you should check out for tips and tricks related to the local as well as the mobile search industry.

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